Back to School

It is a little weird going back to college in your 40s.  I started back to school in the Fall 2007 term.  Not only am I old enough to be the parent of most of the students, I am the parent of one of the students since my oldest child started the same time I did.  I’m more a peer of the professors than of the students.

I find that I’m largely invisible.  I usually get to know students in the same classes as me and once they figure out I’m about as unstarched as a 40-something could be, they relax.  But mostly the other students ignore me. 

School is fascinating for multiple reasons.  For one thing, I’m enjoying the intellectual stimulation.  There is a standard of academics required that is higher than I experienced in Bible college.  I love academia.  😉

I also enjoy evaluating everything I hear.  I took Biology this past semester which included study of evolution.  I’ll probably write about that in more detail later.  But I liked hearing about it from the perspective of an evolutionary biologist, without attendant religious posturing and “it’s evil because we say it is.”  It was also the first lab class I ever took, which was fascinating.  And, surprise!, I didn’t turn into a heathen for having heard it, nor did it sway my personal beliefs.

Another reason I like college is observing everyone else.  I’ve always been a people watcher and wonder why people do the things they do.  College is a practical lab for people-watching that never ceases to provide interesting scenarios.

I found I like it so much I’m considering teaching college after I finish school.  We’ll see, but at the least I’m going to enjoy my stay in the meanwhile.


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