Personal Revelation in Political Science Class

I had an interesting personal revelation in the middle of Political Science class this past semester.  We were studying styles of presidential leadership.  The professor was proposing presidential leadership styles tend to go in cycles of authoritarian, egalitarian and independent.  In the middle of his discussion it struck me why I was always considered a rebel. 

I was called a rebel throughout high school and college, and my husband called me that regularly when he was angry and wanted to hurt me.  I couldn’t understand it because I was such a rule follower.  But I realized during this class that in an authoritarian structure, someone who thinks for themselves is never acceptable.  I always wanted to know why – not because I wanted to challenge authority but because I felt I could obey most fully if I knew the reason why.  But merely asking why is an assault on authoritarian leadership.  In an authoritarian system you are just supposed to obey because the leader is supposed to be obeyed, period.  Loyalty and obedience are not loyalty or obedience if they are not immediate and whole-hearted, without question in an authoritarian system.

 What a relief!  Now I’m almost proud to be called a rebel, if that’s the reason for it.  I believe we were given intelligence for a reason and are in a personal relationship with God for a reason.  Blindly following any leader is not right because, at the very least, that would be placing that individual – regardless of their position – over God.  No person’s position equals God’s.  I am accountable to God, not to any human.  Placing a human’s demands over, or equivalent to, my relationship with God is idolatry.


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  1. I agree about blindly following another person ‘just because’ and the changes I have seen in American culture during the past fifteen years would scare me if I didn’t rely on God! I have also been called a rebel but have never meant to be rebellious, just sure to be doing what’s truly ‘righteous’ in God’s eyes. Wouldn’t rebellion be more in not following Him? Cool post! God’s Blessings.

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