He Doesn’t Hit Me, He Just…

I found a fantastic blog about covert abuse from a site called OutOfAbuse.com. I have excerpted just the beginning. This article describes an excellent example of non-physical abuse.


I mentioned in another post that I had trouble identifying abuse once the hitting and screaming stopped in my marriage.

I didn’t know that there are covert and subtle forms of abuse and manipulation that an abuser uses to control his victim. Oh sure, I recognized one or two of them…like the reverse blame game, but most just slipped right past me. I only knew that I wasn’t feeling good about things. I knew that an hour after any conversation or interaction with my husband I’d start to feel bad, or guilty, or depressed…


The author follows this intro with a classic personal example, well written, and insightful. I’m going to be following this thread with interest.  Please be aware this is not a Christian site and not all of the content of the site is suitable for the consumption of minors!  The author tells it like it was, including details.  She warns first, though, so you can choose not to read parts which you might find offensive.


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