Disturbing Roots of Fundamentalist Christianity

I found a blog post that expresses well some of my own concerns about fundamentalist Christianity.  Since the post is lengthy, I am only pulling out a little of it.  You can see the whole post at White to Harvest. With permission, I have reproduced the article in its entirety in my Articles section. Here are a couple tidbits:

Most Christians in America have been affected one way or the other by fundamentalist Christianity. Many of us would still claim to be fundamentalists, and others of us are rejecting any association with fundamentalist Christianity, for various reasons. What I want to do in this post is talk about the impact that Fundamentalism has had, negatively, on the American Christian psyche…

…the primary problem I see with this, and have felt in my own Christianity, is that fundamentalism as a movement has been shaped by reaction and hyper active response to questions dictated to them by the world. In other words when we take a look at our systematic theologies, the autonomy of the local church, our fortress Bible colleges, our self serving political engagement, etc., etc., it becomes quickly apparent that all of these things are shaped by negative factors…


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