Back to School

Whew!  The holiday break is officially over.  Spring term starts tomorrow.

 I had a lot of goals for the break and I actually got most of them accomplished!  One was to get this site up and running.  I have found blogging to be an excellent venue for the writing that’s on my heart and I want to keep it going.

I’m a little concerned I won’t have time to write once I’m back in the school schedule.  I even adjusted my classes last night to allow more time for writing.  I’m trying to fast-track my way through this Bachelor’s degree since I’ve already done one before so I had scheduled myself for a very heavy load.  I’ll still have a heavy load since I’m trying to get through 8 CLEP tests this semester, but my regular class load will be the minimum full-time load of 12 hrs instead of 17.

But, that said, I’m looking forward to digging back into academia.  New things to learn, new people to meet.  😉 


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