Modern “Church”

Found a good post on the state of the modern Christian church at The Virtual Pew Daily. Coincidentally, my pastor preached about this same thing this morning and I made notes on some related thoughts I wanted to write about (which I’ll hopefully get to shortly.) I’ve excerpted some bits from the blog post, but the whole piece is worth reading.

…It is annoying at times; people confuse the church, those who love and follow after Jesus, with an organization, denomination, or building we call church. The truth is, like it or not, what we call church is nothing like the church we see in the New Testament. Unfortunately many Christians have become so involved with politics they end up spinning everything to support their positions, even when those positions are wrong…

…One of the concerns I have is that those who call themselves Christians find excuses to not do what the Bible tells them, and even finds excuses to keep on having what they call church, not resemble, follow, or be anything like the church in the New Testament. Some will say the culture is much different, or the early church did things because of persecution, or any number of issues. While there are certainly cultural issues we should take into account, we have to be careful when picking and choosing…

…Let me make it clear, the early church was about relationship, and love towards one another, why do churches today talk about this, but not do it?…


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