More from the Plastic Christian

Another “huh?” from the plastic music minister my brother told me about (see previous post).  During the course of his between-songs patter, he made a snide, denigrating statement to the effect, “…these churches that want ‘worship’ music in their services…”  What exactly are they doing with the music at this church if worshipping with it is a bad thing?  I thought worship was the point.  Isn’t the church service commonly called a worship service?

Granted, I am aware the sneering comment was targeted at what he views as “evil” contemporary Christian music — as opposed to traditional hymns.  And to give this church its due, these folks seriously sing out in their services; none of this passive mumbling under our communal breath to the tune of pianos and organs.  But he did say “worship” — at the very least it was a telling slip of the tongue.

And this style of under-the-table pot shots is a common technique used by religious leaders to reinforce their “everyone else is evil” and “everything we don’t like is evil” message.  In the absence of actual intellectual and/or Biblical support for being “against” everything and everyone, this type of emotional manipulation has to serve instead.


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