Daniel and Psychology

In the process of my own thinking regarding the pursuit of a career in psychology it was a “light bulb” moment when I remembered Daniel.  God had Daniel trained in all the “wisdom” of his day – the equivalent of today’s psychology in our culture.  Not only was Daniel trained in the pagan wisdom of his time but he excelled and was a leader in his field.  He accomplished this without compromising his beliefs and his relationship with God.  He also was used by God to influence several kings and the culture of his day.  There is no indication at all in the Word that Daniel served his own people; he served the pagan king from within the framework of that culture’s wisdom.

So often we want to put God in a little box.  Psychology is “evil” and therefore no “real” Christian will have anything to do with it.  But God is bigger than our boxes and we do Him an injustice when we put limitations on what He can and can’t do using which tools.

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