Philosophy & Religion

This semester I have an intro philosophy class, which I am thoroughly enjoying.  This is an online class (a venue I’m learning is not quite my cup of tea, but I’ll survive it) so online discussion is a key component of the class.  Yesterday a couple of the other students expressed frustration with asking questions about God and theology when they were younger and being punished and shut up because it’s was “wrong” to question God.

This was my response.  Remember I’m attending a state college.  As a result I made my response theoretical rather than overtly Christian.

Let me ask another question.  If God is Who you have been told He is, would He judge you for wanting to be sure?  Could His existence stand up to your questioning?  Is using the intelligence and reasoning ability He is supposed to have created mankind with something that would displease Him? 

I love to turn this issue around and ask the questions we were never supposed to ask.  People who espouse a religion of faith in an omniscient, omnipresent, all-powerful God who created mankind in His (intelligent) image but then view questions as an assault on God Himself do make me wonder about the validity of their personal faith.  If (not saying yes or no here, merely asking the question) God is in fact Who they say He is, it appears to me He would welcome the application of God-given intelligence into relationship with Him.  What do you think?


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