Sexual Predators in the Church

I found a great article about sexual predators in the church and have added it to my articles section.  A small excerpt is shown below, but you can read the whole article here. My thanks to The Baptist Standard for the original.


Most people think they can spot a sexual predator. He’s the pale loner with greasy hair and quivering lips or the grinning lech who hugs too long and slowly rubs the backs of female co-workers—or church members.

Could be. But for every overt pervert, there are plenty more who go unnoticed—and unsuspected.

Predators gravitate to vulnerable people. They move into places where they are the highest authority and where that authority remains unquestioned. In some cases, that place is the local church…

Read the entire article here.


One Response

  1. I am involved in assisting churches in preventing sexual abuse of children an teens. This is part of a major insurance provider of Church coverage. I am interested in any statistics available on this subject.

    Floyd Legler

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