Support for Adult Survivors of Clergy Sex Abuse

I found a fantastic website for survivors of clergy sex abuse,  Here’s what the front page says…


You’ve survived clergy sexual abuse, or you know someone who survived clergy sexual abuse. Now what?

The purpose of this site is:

    • To give voice to CSA survivors by providing resources, information, encouragement, and hope.
    • To provide awareness and understanding about clergy sexual abuse.

Much of what people know of CSA comes from the media reporting cases dealing with the abuse of teenage boys by priests in the Catholic church, or pastors in the Southern Baptist Church. While those cases deserve attention, their stories are not the focus of this website. It is my belief there are thousands of cases of CSA that are not being addressed: cases involving the sexual abuse of adult women by members of the clergy, including pastors from all denominations, priests, and rabbis. This site is for the women, like me, who were abused as adults. Because of the way churches, where CSA of adult women takes place, cover up what is happening, our stories are seldom heard. Many of these CSA survivors are left to deal with their abuse by themselves, in isolation, without the support of those in churches or synagogues. This website is a means of support to these adult women survivors, whose lives have withered in the the “desert place.”

On this website, you will find help for your journey of survival, connections to other websites, as well as postings of CSA survivor gatherings or events as they become known to me. There is also a Survivor’s Voice page to add your own voice, and tell your story.

My prayer is that you will gain the strength and courage to use your voice so that your “rose” will blossom once again in the desert place.


See the full resources of this website here.


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