Another Word about Derek Gillett Post

I just want to say, to all those who are being influenced by these present charges, first I apologize for my original comments, which I have edited.  I tend to view the issue from a global perspective, knowing that most allegations of clergy sex abuse are validated and that by far most actual events of clergy of sex abuse, particularly in Protestant churches, are never reported.  I’m passionate about this issue because I’ve seen the wreckage left by something that’s being ignored for the most part and seen many people turned away from God entirely by the experience.

But there’s another perspective too.  And that is the people who are in this particular community, for whom this is there own personal present story.  People are loyal to their pastor, which is entirely reasonable if there’s any doubt and charges are unsubstantiated.  My original comments were insensitive to this, and for that I sincerely apologize.  That would never be my intention and my hasty words were out of line.

I’m not writing this because of any specific person’s comments or private conversation.  But the comments received on my blog post and a review of what I wrote, looking at it from the perspective of those involved, made me realize I had overstepped.  Worse, I could cause harm or hurt to those involved – which I would never, ever want to do.  I write about this issue because I really care and making assumptive personal commentary on an unresolved and unproven allegation was way out of bounds. 


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