My Response to Comments on Derek Gillett Post

The issue of accusations against Derek Gillett has proven to be a hot one. As of this writing there are 81 responses to my original commentary about the news, including a few of my own. I will continue to leave that arena open for people to communicate as long as it remains largely respectful, even though heated.

In reading through the comments there were a few things I wanted to comment on. I knew it would get long if I posted in the comments so I’m making a separate post. So here goes…

Re: the suggestion that the fact there are two accusers validates the accusation against Derek –

The fact that there are concurrently two accusers does not necessarily validate the accusation. I gave an example in my previous post of a situation I knew with three accusers that was proven false. If there are multiple independent accusations, especially about abuse taking place over an extended period of time in unrelated settings and times – that would more likely validate the accusation. Or if there were a string of suspicions and previous buried accusations – that would more likely validate the accusation. But even though there are two accusers, from what I gather they know one another and it is being viewed as one case with two accusers. That’s not quite the same and doesn’t carry the same “likelihood” of guilt as separate, distinct victims and accusations – if there can be such a thing as “likelihood of guilt.”

Re: the comments about everyone having two sides –

Every person does have two sides, but just because we all have a public and private face, to some extent, doesn’t suggest “likelihood of guilt” either. I might be crabby with my kids, where I’d suck it up and smile to my neighbor. That doesn’t make me a dead cert abuser.

At the same time, I think those who have been hurt by two-faced authority figures are probably very sensitive on the subject. I tend to lean to the side of “guilty until proven innocent” myself because I’ve experienced way too much. But I have to check my feelings at the door because my feelings are often not an expression of reality.

I have also been hurt by people who believed evil about me when I was innocent. I can’t tell you how much that hurts. It is the only thing that has ever threatened to shake my faith. Ironically, it is part of what makes me view the church through a little bit jaded perspective because it was the church, or representatives of the church, who failed me persistently and repeatedly. And I’m under no misapprehensions about whether it could happen again.

Re: whether kids can make stuff up –

I addressed that in my previous post about whether Derek Gillett is guilty or innocent. Bottomline, yes they can and our society is depraved enough they can easily manufacture any specific details we could possibly imagine. That doesn’t mean these girls did or did not make up their allegations. But we can’t assume they are telling the truth because kid’s don’t make up stuff like that.

Re: trusting news coverage for accuracy –

I hope no one thinks we can trust what we see in print from “reliable” or timely news sources. They make mistakes – I hope largely accidental. News writers are often working off other news stories and mixing and baking to create something that looks like fresh news. That’s what retractions are for. 😉

Re: doing a follow-up story –

I will definitely update this story as there is more to report. And if the allegations against Derek prove to be false, I will be delighted to make it a big front-and-center splash. If they prove to be true, I’ll be mourning it – and I’ll report it with regret.

Re: whether this forum and/or discussion is about God or religion –

In reading my site it should be apparent that everything I write is written from within the context of belief in God and from a desire to bring about desperately needed change within the religion of Christianity. I make no apology for that. At one point I attempted to write “neutrally.” Ultimately I decided there are plenty of voices out there that are neutral or overtly anti-Christian – written by people who have been legitimately touched by the same issues I write about. We agree on many things. But my heart is for healing and change in the Christian church; a return to what it was originally intended and which, I believe, has gotten lost in 2000 years of human history.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you for your honesty and your passionate heart for the Christian church. May we all let this time that we are on our knees praying in unison continue to spread throughout not only our communities but throughout our nation for us to turn our hearts back towards God.

  2. As I am a member of Derek’s church, I am happy to inform that he has been released as of last week, and the accusations have been proven to be just that.

    Although I know the entirety of the story, I choose not to post that on the internet. However, I will say that it was a situation that was heated because of miscommunication and fabrication.

    I feel and pray for Derek everyday, and he now has to live with this for the rest of his life.

  3. According to what we have from the news, charges have not been dismissed. He has been released on bond, which means the charges are still in place and being investigated. The small bond either indicates the case is not strong or the authorities are very confident he is no flight risk.

    This is not saying I think he is guilty – I have no opinion since I know no one involved. But we do need to keep the facts straight. Being released on bond is not the same as being proven innocent. It just means the authorities feel confident he will be here for trial and poses no immediate risk to anyone so there is no need to keep him behind bars.

    — Danni

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