Cool Little Moment for Me ;-)

Completely departing from the big issues of life, I’ve had a couple neat things happen recently.  I’m going to spread out the celebration and make two separate posts of it.  😉

I got a phone call the other day from the school where I took my GED last summer.  The story on that was, when I applied to college I discovered that my high school “diploma” was not valid.  The school which issued it was not qualified to grant a diploma, so I did not have one.  That was a stressful day! 

Anyway, they were calling to tell me I got the highest GED score in Georgia last year (standardized score of 3980 out of 4000 – as a perfectionist, I’m dying of curiosity to know what I missed; and I want to know who got the highest nationally and what their score was).  The national GED organization wants to give me an award and the school where I took the test wants me to come speak at their graduation in May.  The woman I talked to said there will probably be other speaking opportunities as well.  How cool is that!


2 Responses

  1. It must be a good feeling to accomplish so much after you have dealt with so much in your life. My sister is a single mom with 4 kids (all grown now) and she just received her doctorate in education last year at the age of 58. She had so many struggles through raising her kids totally alone. All four kids received academic scholarships for the universities they attended which was an added blessing for her.

    Thank you for being willing to open up your life to let others know what you have been through. There are so many peope hurting and your articles can let them know they are not alone.

  2. Thank you for sharing your sister’s story! I’ve wondered if I’m nuts to start out on a 10-year (-ish) journey to a doctorate at my age, so it’s good to hear someone else has done it.

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