Leaving Abuse Behind & Changing Lives

How can you tell someone they can change their life, if you’re unwilling to make the herculean effort to do it yourself?  This thought occurred to me this evening while I was studying for an exam tomorrow.  I feel so strongly that one of the key truths that has the power to transform the lives of people who have been locked in abuse is the understanding that they do have the power to change it.  But it is incredibly hard; in fact, it usually appears impossible.

In a way I had not previously seen, I’m practicing what I preach.  I can safely say YOU CAN DO IT! because I’m doing it.  As I’m doing it, I am also having to work through all those things that are realities in the process – the constant battle with the “mental tapes” that play in my head, actually surviving somehow when there is less than no money, juggling single-motherhood with the demands of unforgiving schedule requirements, exploring a new, exciting, and sometimes unwelcome way of life, attempting to balance short-term immediate needs with the equal need to sacrifice now for long-term security, etc.

It is hard but it is doable.  It is hard but it is rewarding.  Sometimes the hard part seems insurmountable.  Then tomorrow comes.  And the sun comes out.  And I know I can do it – and so can others.  I know they can, not because I read it somewhere, but because I’m doing it.


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  1. What you are doing makes Hercules look like a wimp. I admire those who step out of victimhood and embrace freedom and personal responsibility despite the struggles. It seems when I really opt for change and take that first step, a lot of the battle is already fought.

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