Darrell Gilyard Back Behind an SBC Pulpit In Spite of Sex Abuse Charges

This excerpt is from stopbaptistpredators.blogspot.com. I’ve only pulled part of it, so check out the link to see the whole piece.

According to comments on the Tiffany Croft blog, Darrell Gilyard preached from the pulpit of First Timothy Baptist Church in Jacksonville last Tuesday. I’ve also gotten a couple emails about this.

First Timothy is a church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

As many of you probably recall, Gilyard is the pastor who was previously mentored by two former Southern Baptist presidents, Paige Patterson and Jerry Vines. News reports reflect that dozens of sexual abuse and sexual assault allegations were made against Gilyard at 4 churches in Texas and Oklahoma, but he was always able to simply move on to another church. He finally moved on to Florida, and is now facing charges of lewd conduct and child molestation…

This just blows my mind. When will there be accountability and when will leaders be found culpable for such gross negligence? Even assuming no child was endangered during a guest speaking engagement, this known sex abuser, currently under investigation for and charged with child molestation, is being honored and held up as a positive example to people who would not be in the same building with the man if they were given the choice to decide for themselves.

If we were to assume a stance of “innocent until proven guilty” (in spite of the fact that some of his previous alleged sexual misconduct has been verified by SBC leaders such as Paige Patterson), the man has no business preaching in a church! NONE. During a period of investigation he should suspend all ministerial leadership duties until the truth is determined. That would be a scriptural thing to do, since a pastor is to be blameless.

This frustrates me beyond words. Gilyard is an irresponsible and reprehensible excuse for a pastor. I say that, not out of an assumption of his guilt on the sexual molestation charges, but based on the fact that he is a supposed spiritual leader who would dare to take a guest speaking engagement while under active legal investigation. This is blatantly against Scripture and reveals his power-grasping motives.

And yes, I do hold the SBC leadership who know better and will not raise a finger to protect SBC churches against this man, whom they know to be guilty, fully responsible.


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  1. When the church will not police it’s own, what are we to do?

    Matthew 18:15-17 – if they will not respond to reason, treat them like they were of the world. Then they cry foul when we resort to the legal system…

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