Jon Moore Austin Bluffs, CO Charged with Child Sexual Assault

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By Lauri Martin

A lay pastor at a church is now charged with sexual assault on a child. Fifty-one-year-old Jon Moore worked at Lighthouse Baptist Church near Austin Bluffs and Academy…until recently.

Moore is accused of sexually assaulting a teen over the course of about three years. The assaults allegedly started in 2004, but the victim has only recently come forward.

She told Springs police this all happened while Moore was an assistant pastor at the church, but members said his title was “assistant to the pastor.”

She alleges he put lotion on her shoulders, back and stomach, then he went underneath her bra, making statements like “You know you want this.” That’s how a teenage girl alleged her relationship began with Jon Moore.

It’s all spelled out in a seven-page police report. The teen said she met Moore when she started going to Lighthouse Baptist Church and was dating his son. She alleged in one instance, he assaulted her during a church camp-out while his family was nearby, but not looking.

When they weren’t together, the report details more sexual behavior would take place over webcams.

11 News went to Jon Moore’s home, but his son said we were not welcome and shut all the doors to the house.

Neighbors were shocked when we told about the allegations. “Oh my gosh,” said Melissa Slater. “I have two little girls.”

“He made a mistake and he’s paying for it,” said Pete McGill. He works at the church and knows Moore. He said the church family’s heart is broken.

“The church, when we got the news, went into mourning, then we went to the Bible. We have to forgive our brother,” cried an emotional McGill.

The abuse reportedly ended about a year and a half ago. According to the papers, the teenage girl recently called Moore in the presence of police and recorded the conversation.

The teen told Moore she would still be a virgin if it weren’t for him. He supposedly replied, “I know, why do you have to throw that in my face?”

Police said Moore was arrested five days after that conversation and charged with sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust.

The church said he can return in the near future, but only as a church member.


One Response

  1. Well, Jeepers- at least he isn’t in a gay marriage or something sinful like that!
    What a miscarriage of justice- what, because he’s a “pastor?”
    Let’s hope the inmates only let him make it to 58 days.
    I don’t believe in a burning hell, but if I did…..

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