Pastor Michael Vargo Nixa MO Charged with Child Abuse

I first saw this story yesterday and didn’t post it. However, I feel like I need to post it. At the same time, I want to underscore that no proof of the charges has been indicated in anything I’ve read about this one. The almost stark lack of information makes me wonder about the validity of these charges. Michael Vargo immediately resigned from the church when the charges were made. I hope anyone related to this story who knows of updated news stories on this subject will let me know so I can post them.

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Micheal Vargo, 35, of Nixa has resigned his position as pastor of Calvary Bible Church in Nixa.

Vargo, who was charged last year with felony child abuse, is scheduled for a jury trial Aug. 25, according to the office of the Christian County prosecutor.

Vargo’s wife confirmed on Tuesday that he had resigned, effective March 2.

A felony charge of child abuse was filed June 27, 2007, that alleged Vargo “knowingly inflicted cruel and inhuman punishment” upon a 16-year-old female relative in June 2007.

Deputies responded to the girl’s residence and interviewed her after receiving a physical abuse hotline call. The girl had written a request for help from school authorities.

According to Christian County Deputy Brad Cole’s probable cause statement, the girl had multiple bruises on her arms, legs and chest. He said he believed they were received in the week prior to June 22, 2007.


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  1. This is not a typical story of a “Pastor Gone Bad”. Without divulging too much information, I can tell you honestly that this is a circumstance where prayers are needed on all sides. This is a very loving, committed family who does not deserve to be thrust into the spotlight and looked upon as monsters. Michael is a kind, loving, devoted father, husband, son, brother, uncle and cousin. He has always been, and is still a man of God. The child in question is a very confused little girl. She is someone who needs major medical help, therapy, and intervention. I hope and pray that the people who read your blog are truly Christian people and are not casting stones. Just because an article is published in a newspaper, it does not give the entire story. There is much more to the story than is written. Please pray for this family.

  2. This family needs our prayers today. We all believe this will be settled according to God’s Will.
    Keep praying

  3. HE”S BEEN FOUND NOT GUILTY!!! Where’s the reporting??? 12 people on a jury did not believer the girl or the authorities. Michael is innocent and should have been treated as such. But where was or is the help for the girl? She has not received any help to deal with anything? Her life is ruined and the family has been harmed because the authorities took the word of a child and did not adjust when the investigation did not bear the facts. HE NOT GUILTY AND HE NEVER WAS!!

  4. BREAKING NEWS: Former Nixa pastor acquitted of child abuse

    By: Chris J. Cluck, reporter
    Wednesday, August 27, 2008 4:40 PM CDT
    A former Nixa pastor said he feels grateful and vindicated after a Christian County jury found him not guilty Aug. 27 of a felony child abuse charge that he abused a female member of his family.

    “Obviously, I’m relieved,” Michael Vargo, 36, said after a jury returned after two hours with the not guilty verdict.

    “I have mixed feelings,” Vargo said. “For (the victim). I love (her) and want the absolute best for her and want her to get the care she needs.”

    A felony complaint was filed June 27, 2007, alleging Vargo “knowingly inflicted cruel and inhuman punishment” upon a 16-year-old female relative between June 1 and June 26 of last year.

    Christian County Deputy Brad Cole’s probable cause statement claimed the girl had multiple bruises on her arms, legs and chest and believed they were all received in the week prior to her interview on June 22.

    The girl also claimed Vargo had used the buckle end of a belt and had picked her up and “threw her over a chair” during one incident and had hit her in the face with a baseball numerous times.

    Jurors heard two days of testimony and evidence before Christian County Circuit Judge Mark Orr handed the case to the jury. Friends and relatives of Vargo, along with former parishioners, testified that the girl, now 17 years old, had a history of self-abuse and depression.

    Vargo said the 14-month long case took a toll on himself and family.

    “It’s been hard,” Vargo said. “Tremendously hard on all of us. It’s the hardest thing my family’s ever been through.”

    At the time the complaint was filed against him, Vargo was the pastor of Calvary Bible Church. He voluntarily resigned March 2 and said he now works for a Springfield bank.

    We praise the Lord for the verdict and ask for continued prayers for the teenage girl.

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