Former Pastor Gerald Klever Pleads Guilty to Sex Abuse Charges

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I think this article in the Delco Times is significantly more informative than the one I posted below.


This story is couresy of


The victims of a former Delaware County minister sought justice Friday as he admitted to sexual assault. Some victims spoke about the terrible crimes they suffered.

Some 30 years in the making, victims of the former Reverend Gerald Klever said he assaulted a number of victims, some of who were minors.

On Friday, he entered pleas in two of those cases.

“He’s the one who is going to suffer now,” victim Beth Fischetti said.

A mother’s worst nightmare is how one victim described 76-year-old Gerald Klever.

The former pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Delaware County was in court on allegations of sexual abuse of minors. Church members said there were as many as 20 victims.

“He took advantage of my innocence and he did horrible things,” Fischetti said.

Fischetti was 12 when she said Klever molested her.

The former pastor pled guilty to one charge of involuntary deviant sexual intercourse with one victim and pled no contest to raping another.

“I want him to take responsibility for his actions. I want restitution. I want him to feel as badly as he made all of us feel over all these years,” Fischetti said.

Fischetti was not officially part of the proceedings on Friday because Klever entered pleas in the cases of two other victims.

As part of the deal, he is likely to be sentenced to 10 years probation with the first year likely to be under house arrest with monitoring and $24,000 in restitution for counseling.


2 Responses

  1. I was the primary victim in this case, the first to come forth. Thank you for making the public aware of this information. I permitted my name to be published in the newspaper because i wanted to let other victims of sexual abuse know that there is nothing to be ashamed of and it may have taken me 30 yrs. to finally be heard but justice has been served. There is a good article at

  2. Christine,

    Thank you for speaking out! I hope others will follow your example, not just in Klever’s case, but in others. The only way it stops is if victims will break the silence but it takes A LOT of courage to do it.

    I have added a link to the story in Delco Times above.


    — Danni

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