16 Most Common Lures Used by Child Predators

This story is courtesy of Martial Arts for Life. Excellent info!


…Child molesters and abductors have many methods to lure a child. The most common 16 child lures are:

Affection Lure
Most child abuse happens at the hand of someone the child knows and trusts. Pedophiles exploit that trust to take advantage of tensions in the child or teen’s family, like divorce, alcoholism or neglect.

Pet Lure
Children love animals. Many child predators will ask children to help look for their lost puppy or kitty. Parents must warn their children of this lure and let the kids no there is no lost animal.

Assistance Lure
Using an assistance lure predators will ask children for help with directions or help carrying something. Teach your children that adults usually ask adults for help, not children. The best defense against the assistance lure is for kids to pretend they do not hear the person and quickly leave the area.

Authority Lure
Pedophiles in a power position, coach, clergy, scout leader, relative, etc. take advantage of their positions. Make sure your children know it is illegal for adults to touch them in their bathing suit zone.

Bribery Lure
Pedophiles will use gifts, like candy, toys, electronics, drugs, money, to get a child to willingly go with them, or they will use the gifts as a reward to keep the abuse secret or to keep the child tolerating the abuse.

Emergency Lure
Predators will fake a crisis to trick kids and teens into willingly going with them. For example, they will tell the child, ‘Your father has been hurt and is in the hospital. I’ve been sent to take you to him.’

Fun and Games Lure
Pedophiles will, at times, create games using restraints, such as handcuffs, ropes, duct tape, which can keep a child from protecting themselves or escaping their captor.

Hero Lure
Molesters will exploit a child by making them believe something bad will happen to someone they see as a hero, a parent, a teacher, coach, relative or celebrity. Children may endure repeated abuse to keep a hero out of trouble, or maintain a friendship.

Name Recognition Lure
Marking a child’s clothing, backpacks and other belongings can be dangerous. Pedophiles can read the nametag and call out the child’s name, creating a false sense of familiarly.

Companion/Playmate Lure
Child molesters often use their home as a lure, decorating it with party supplies, toys, sporting goods, etc. Many times, they will create an environment of anything goes, which can be appealing to children.

Fame and Ego Lure
Sex offenders will offer a child or teen an audition or private tryout to get them to keep the abuse secret.

Online and Computer Lure
Online predators lure children through chat rooms, emails and social websites. Through these avenues, a pedophile can learn a child’s personal information and arrange a private meeting. Make sure you kids know to never post their personal information online. Like where they live, go to school or work.

Threats and Weapons Lure
Pedophiles may use violence and intimidation to force children and teens to cooperate with the abuse, or stay silent about the abuse. They’ll use an ‘it’s my word against yours’ approach.

Job Lure
The job lure is a danger to older teens, even college students. The young adults are lured by an offer of a high-paying, interesting job. The sex offender will typically set up fake interview in secluded places to abuse or abduct their subject. These fake jobs are typically advertised with only a P.O. Box.

Pornography Lure
Child predators often use pornography to set the stage for abuse. Adolescents are often curious about sex and it is not difficult to hold their attention with pornographic material.

Drug Lure
Sex offenders will at times use drugs and alcohol to lure and incapacitate a child into abuse.

It is important that you teach your children about each of these lures, not just one or two. Pedophiles, child abductors and molesters can use more than one of the lures at a time to get a child to comply with abuse and keep the abuse secret.

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