How God Restored a Wounded Heart

Have you ever found your stomach in a knot because people close to you have judged you? Have you been in devastating circumstances, only to find friends and family and church piling judgment and condemnation onto your pain?

Job was in that place. Satan devastated Job’s circumstances and he lost everything except his wife. As he sat on an ash heap in misery and pain, his closest friends joined him to “support” him. However, their support was to tell him he must have done something wrong for all these things to happen to him. If only he will repent, God will surely restore him. Have you ever been there?

At the end of the book of Job there is an interesting passage. Job finally tells God he “gets” it. Job realizes that God has used his circumstances to show him Who God really is and transform his interaction with God from one of dutiful religious knowledge to a intimate personal relationship (Job. 42:4-6).

After Job reaches this realization God turns His attention to Job’s friends. God was angry with Job’s friends because they did not speak the truth about God to Job. God told Job’s friends to go to Job and offer a burnt offering for themselves and that Job would pray for them. In fact, God clearly said the Job’s prayers were all that stood between them and God’s judgment (Job 42:8). Job’s friends obeyed.

Then there is a very interesting little statement in Job 42:10 –

The Lord restored the fortunes of Job when he prayed for his friends…

Job’s relationship with God was already restored. But God asked Job to do something more. He asked that Job pray for his friends – specifically that God would forgive them and restore them. God answered Job’s prayer, but He did more than that.

Because Job prayed for his friends God blessed Job. And this blessing wasn’t just material. Read Job 42:10-17.

  • All Job’s friends affirmed him and gave him financial and material gifts
  • God gave Job double the wealth he had before Satan destroyed it
  • God gave him another 10 children, who were blessed with physical beauty and favor
  • God gave Job a long and prosperous life, another 140 years of blessing and family

How much would we like to be blessed by God, especially after our world is shaken by devastating circumstances? Are we willing to pray diligently and persistently for those who have hurt us? Not just to pray that they will realize they’ve hurt us and get right with God, but that God will restore and bless them! How much do we really want God’s blessing?