Pastor Donald Leroy Robinson Charged with Child Molestation

Since the news site I found this article at specifically says it may not be copied or reproduced, I am going to include the link to the story at 6 News.

The article reports that Donald Leroy Robinson, the 56-year-old pastor of Grace Baptist Temple in Bloomington, IN, was arrested for allegedly fondling an 11-year-old girl on two occasions. This quote says it all:

“He, on two occasions, put his hand under her shirt on her skin and touched her stomach and then moved his hand up and rubbed her on her breast,” said Monroe County sheriff’s Detective Brad Swain… Police said Robinson admitted to them that he had rubbed the girl’s chest and stomach, but said he was just trying to comfort her.

First of all, I do hope the court is not naive enough to believe that clunker. A grown man has no excuse for that behavior, and a pastor has even less.

But let’s assume for the moment that the man really did think he was just “comforting” the girl. This is not a man who is qualified for church leadership! A man who is in a position that expects him to provide wise counsel, spiritual guidance, and a moral example is not only required to live up to the standard of his office, but if he fails – which this situation would certainly indicate he has done by his own admission – he deserves the judgment he gets.

That said, this excuse sounds suspiciously similar to the one where the pastor said it was all the fault of the 3-year-old he assaulted because she had “seduced” him. A pedophile looking for cover will come up with the most amazing excuses! If denial just won’t work, then blame the victim or play possum.


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  1. I am speechless, this was my Pastor and I cant believe what I am reading. He has always been the perfect gent and an awesome Pastor and Leader. I am just speechless, really lost for word.

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