Women in Ministry?

This is just one passing thought, on the fly through my day…

When men won’t step up to responsible leadership in positions they expect to be the purview of men, God uses women! At all times, God uses women in leadership — notice all the women prophets in the Bible — including in the New Testament. And when men fail in organizational leadership where male headship is culturally or traditionally expected, God will always use the one who is available, who will dare to speak God’s truth, regardless of gender. Deborah is one of my heroines. See Judges 4.

Thank God for Deborah!

2 Responses

  1. It’s amazing to me the folks that say still women have no business being in ministry. I’m no baby Chrisitan and was ordained into the ministry decades ago.

    It wasn’t only men that came against me, it was women as well. In the beginning, it bothered me. Now, I just chalk it up to a lack of knowledge of the precious “word” of the Lord.

  2. Hmm… *smiling* Deborah was always one of my favorites, too.

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