And the Plot Thickens…

Is there a plot afoot? Well, I’m not much of one for conspiracy theories, so I will let you decide. But for the sake of being informed about issues in Christianity, I strongly recommend that you read this entire article by Wade Burleson about the SBC, Vision Forum and Patriarchy. I believe this is a very serious and profoundly significant issue in Christianity today, and has everything to do with recent posts regarding the SBC’s perspective on abuse, women, clergy abuse, etc. If nothing else, we all need to be aware so we can understand what people mean when they use various terminologies.


4 Responses

  1. *Sigh* I wish I could say this is just an SBC problem. But the church I left was Charismatic in bent thought independent and non-denominational. And the pastor was, when I left 1 1/2 years ago, beginning to lean in this direction. But then, it would appeal to him, being a predator and abuser. Therein lies the enormous problem: abusers flock to doctrines that give them ‘legitimate’ cover.

  2. Hmm… in thinking about it, that may have more to do with the whole movement than most would care to admit…

  3. You have put your finger on exactly why I believe this is all one problem. Clergy predators, spiritual abuse, domestic violence in the church, abusive parenting practices, dominion-minded political action in the name of Christianity — all have one common root. They all have a heart of domination.

    But Christ taught the exact opposite. And it does not require a theology degree or an ability to study the original languages to understand what is very plainly understood in any translation of the Word. Christ was specifically and clearly against any dominance or kingdom agenda. (Which would make this theology idolatry, if you want to call it what it is.) The kindgom of God was not on this earth.

    Christ’s kingdom was found in ministry the way He lived – walking beside the common man, the sinner, the adulterer, the party-goer, etc., engaging in his ordinary life, being his friend, meeting his ordinary needs, and loving him. When Jesus did this, people loved Him and became His followers. John teaches that obedience is a byproduct of love. We love Him because He first loved us. Other will know we are Jesus’ disciples because we love as He loved. There is no kingdom, no dominion, no number-counting (how many members, how many in attendance, how many baptisms), no gender division or role-splitting. Just living and loving in the ordinary dirt of life together.

    Would Jesus put His stamp of approval on churches that fail to put a known sexual predator out of fellowship? One look at I Cor 5 quickly and decisively answers that question. We don’t need an executive committee to spend a year evaluating the question or explaining all the reasons why we can’t remove fellowship from that man and from those who fellowship with him.

    Would Jesus put His stamp of approval on churches that fail to put a known abuser (domestic) out of fellowship? Another quick look at I Cor. 5 tells us the same answer. All those excuses pastors use are just so much stinking dung.

    Would Jesus put His stamp of approval on churches pastored by a man who secretly abuses his own wife? Rewind to the previous paragraph…

    Would Jesus put His stamp of approval on churches that teach a family structure that is directly opposite to the one Paul teaches in the New Testament, where the Word specifically says men are to give up their lives for their wives, not have dominion over them? By now, we know the answer to that question.

    My heart breaks for the church. The church system is so inward-centered, looking at its systems, and programs, and budgets, and patting itself on the back. We’ve become so twisted we can look at the Bible and call black, white, and white, black.

    The church is nothing like the church, the bride of Christ, described in the Word. Do we think God is pleased? Do we think God won’t remove the church from the tree into which it was grafted?

    OK, I’ll step down. I’m having a day. Sometimes words just seem so ineffective.

    — Danni

  4. Danni~

    Hmm… I understand. But you know, every voice that rises up and says, “NO! This is not right, helps shine the light of truth on the situation. And where there is light, the darkness must flee. You do make a difference. I have referred people to your sight and they have been helped. 😉


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