Former Youth Pastor Clayton Pruett Sues for Slander After Innocent Verdict

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This, my friends, is the other side of the story. And I wish this man the very best because he deserves every bit of it if he was innocent. There is no excuse good enough for false allegations.


The youth pastor once charged with sex abuse is sharing his story. It’s the first time he’s said anything publically since the charge was dismissed in court.

Clayton Pruett says he’s been fighting to get his name and reputation back. He says he knows it won’t be the same, but he is out to prove that he did nothing wrong.

His family is behind him and he wants people to know how serious it is when allegations of sex abuse are brought to police.

Pruett says he believes the teen and her mother brought the charge against him to get back at him for trying to discipline the teen.

Pruett is suing the mother of the accuser for slander and libel.