My Sunday “Margin”

I’m making some new habits, and one of them is that I’m going to start making Sunday a “light” day. I’d love to just make it a completely “unplugged” day. But that is unrealistic. By the time I go to music practice an hour before church, then Sunday School (or like today, I realized I forgot to take my migraine meds last night and this morning — really dangerous no-no! — so I had to run home), then sing in church, and get home, fix lunch, yada, yada – it’s at least 1 p.m. Then I need to check in with the world on the computer. If I’m lucky that will take an hour. Sometimes I have school assignments – a paper due today. I finished it yesterday so it just needed a little tweaking. But here I am at 5:26 p.m. — and I really am going to unplug today! LOL!

So when Sunday postings are itty-bitty, now you’ll know why. 😉

To have a great idea, have a lot of them. ~~ Thomas A. Edison