Pastor Michael Lee of Pataskala OH Charged with Child Sex Abuse

Pastor Michael Lee of Pataskala, Ohio, has been charged with one count of gross sexual imposition, a third-degree felony, for allegedly sexually abusing a five-year old boy over a three-year period. The linked article reports that Lee subsequently failed a lie detector test, to which he voluntarily submitted.

He is presently free on $5000 bond awaiting trial under the restriction of having no contact with the alleged victim and anyone under the age of 18.


8 Responses

  1. You will also be legally liable for the lies and slander you have printed about me.

    The article that you wrote and published is untrue. You and the Advocate are being named in a law suit for destroying my character with this false allegation.

  2. Have fun with that. You will find I have published nothing legally liable. I have written only what is public information – that a charge has been legally made based on specific allegations. Nothing slanderous there and no lies either. If, in fact, the newspaper article I quoted was wrong in the first place – they would merely be responsible for publishing a retraction. As would I since my information is based upon theirs. I have stated nothing. If you read again you will see this article does not accuse you of doing anything. That means no slander and no lies.

    On the other hand, if you are proved innocent in court, I will also publish that. If you read this blog you would find that I do that any time someone is proven innocent of these charges.

    – Danni

  3. That is my point. Just because a document is called a “Discovery” does not mean that it is truthful.

    This is a case where my sons ex-girlfriend (whom they have been fighting for 3 years) has falsely accused me of touching my five yr. old grandson.

    I have not been allowed to tell my side to anyone. But my name and this false allogation has been published all over the country.

    There was no “Lie Detector” test. It was a voice stress analysis at the prosecutors office. I didn’t even have an attorney at this time. I passed the VSA and walked out of the prosecutors office only to find that they continued to come after me. After the test the detective started name calling like some little kid. I got up and walked out.

    The medical evidence showed that he was NOT touched.

    This is a case of lie and endoendos. I’m trusting that the truth will come out.

  4. This is why I do not make accusations. I try to refrain from taking sides unless there are absolutely unmistakeable indications. And I’ve had to backtrack and apologize a couple times. But I’m very careful because the media is after headlines and thrills. People are falsely accused. It does happen.

    Fortunately, the legal system does work in most cases. It is hard to walk through. If in fact you are innocent, as hard as that is, I would also ask you to think with compassion about the women and children who also walk that road. It is usually far harder for them because they are vilified and rarely believed – even after their perpetrator is found guilty.

    And as I said before, I want to know and publish the story if/when you are proven innocent as well. I get to publish these results so much less frequently! I really like it when I get the chance. I do not want false accusers to get the idea that just because clergy sex abuse is a serious problem, opportunists can piggy back on the issue for their own ill-gotten purposes. That makes me very angry because it makes light of the legitimate pain of others while inflicting grievous wounds on others who are innocent. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

    May truth prevail – swiftly.

    — Danni

  5. The medical evidence showed that he was NOT touched.

    There is no medical test that can say the boy was not touched. There may be a few things that they can check but it is not possible for them to rule out that the child was sexually molested.

    There was no “Lie Detector” test. It was a voice stress analysis

    There is no such thing as a “lie detector” test period whether it is a VSA or a polygraph. Click on my name and it will take you to an article on just that very thing.

    And if you are innocent I agree with what Danni has already said.

  6. There is no medical test that can say the boy was touched. But yet the paper printed, “Medical evidence proves that the boy was touched”. The article is titles”Pataskala Pastor lies, fails lie detector test”.

    You can believe what you want. I still say they printed lies about me.

    Not even a shread of truth about it.

    Imagin getting a call one day. Accusing you of this herendous act. Childrens Services, the Police department, the Prosectors office spinning this web of deceit, one careful lie after another, etc..

    We must protect the children. But it cannot be at the expense of innocent people.

    I am still pastoring my church.

    I also work in a factory (for 20 years). I went to work the next day after the printing with my head up. I will not let this system destroy me.

    Thanks for the comments, they have helped. I will not respond again.

  7. Well where is the truth. I don’t see it published. I was found innocent of this lie 5 days ago because I am innocent.

    You was so eager to print the untrue trash about me.

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