Youth Leaders Michael & Laura Lee Salazar Charged with Child Sex Abuse

Youth leaders Michael Salazar and Laura Lee Salazar have been charged with child sex abuse against three teenaged girls, with possible charges pending regarding two additional girls. The Salazars have been youth leaders at the Lord’s Disciples Church in Maryville, TN.

According to a news article by, Michael Salazar faces charges of sexual battery by an authority figure and statutory rape by an authority figure involving each of three teenage girls who attended the church. He is in the Blount County Detention Facility on $300,000 bond – $50,000 for each offense. Laura Lee Salazar faces the same two charges involving only one girl, and her bond totals $100,000.


3 Responses

  1. And it starts. I read some of the post on the article.

    Some blame the church, the parents, the girls, and the Salzars.

    It’s so sad that grown ups can do this kind of crime to young girls and the blame goes almost everywhere but where it belongs.


  2. Yep, another day in the world of clergy sex abuse. It is the same; so much the same it is unbelievable.

    But God is bigger than this too. I have to believe that. God is bigger than this.

    — Danni

  3. I have an article about this on my blog also. It seems this is a case where the church may be supporting the victims:

    David Hutsell, a founder of the church, said the congregation has 100 to 120 members. He also emphasized the victims are all “great kids.”

    Crisp has said that his agency was alerted to the case when another church official brought the three alleged victims and their parents to the police department

    If true it is refreshing to see.

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