Former Youth Pastor Timothy C. Edmonds Indicted for Child Sexual Assault

Former youth pastor Timothy C. Edmonds was indicted July 31, by the Kanawha County grand jury on two counts of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian. He is scheduled for arraignment on August 20.

Unfortunately, there is also an indication that Chesapeake Apostolic Church, in Chesapeake, WV, where Edmonds was assistant youth pastor was aware of allegations of previous sexual misconduct at another church where he had worked, but nothing was done about these allegations.

If these charge are true, once again, a predator was free to move from one church to another to continue preying on innocent children because someone was unwilling to “raise a stink” by doing the right thing and report possible allegations. When will God’s church step up to that little thing called righteousness? Avoidance is sin and complicity.

Churches are required by righteousness to seriously investigate all allegations of past misbehavior – without prejudice in favor of the minister. This investigation must be in-depth and include interviews with all related first-hand parties. What usually passes for “investigation” is hearing out the accused and accepting his version of events if they sound viable — and they always sound not only plausible but utterly convincing.