Former Youth Pastor Timothy C. Edmonds Indicted for Child Sexual Assault

Former youth pastor Timothy C. Edmonds was indicted July 31, by the Kanawha County grand jury on two counts of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian. He is scheduled for arraignment on August 20.

Unfortunately, there is also an indication that Chesapeake Apostolic Church, in Chesapeake, WV, where Edmonds was assistant youth pastor was aware of allegations of previous sexual misconduct at another church where he had worked, but nothing was done about these allegations.

If these charge are true, once again, a predator was free to move from one church to another to continue preying on innocent children because someone was unwilling to “raise a stink” by doing the right thing and report possible allegations. When will God’s church step up to that little thing called righteousness? Avoidance is sin and complicity.

Churches are required by righteousness to seriously investigate all allegations of past misbehavior – without prejudice in favor of the minister. This investigation must be in-depth and include interviews with all related first-hand parties. What usually passes for “investigation” is hearing out the accused and accepting his version of events if they sound viable — and they always sound not only plausible but utterly convincing.


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  1. I think you’re right. Either someone is not bothering to read the entire blog, or we are dealing with a child.

  2. My guess is that there are two different people using the same computer posting as yellowrose. One is an adult the other is a child. Lately we have been dealing with the child.

    I wish the adult would help this child understand that sexual predators do exist and sometimes they disguise themselves as men of God.

    What if she were molested by a leader in the church, would you accuse her of the same things this poor girl that Edmonds abused has been accused of?

    Come on adult yellowrose, be honest.

  3. Yellowrose is one person but I do believe you two need to grow up.You two come from the same family. It looks like you would understand if Timothy was a child molester than we wouldn’t want him around our children.

    • Unfortunately, that logic doesn’t follow either. I have seen many, many people in complete denial about a molester, continuing to associate with him and expose their children to him — simply because they refused to acknowledge the plainly visible facts. This happens with distressing regularity.

      — Danni

    • i believe that you believe in “Timothy” (Now I know who you are). What I ‘m asking you to do is accept his confession, By doing so you help your church, your family, and yourself move forward and learn from this expierence so that it never happens again. Not to mention being able to support him in his effort to get the help he needs. Now more than ever he needs you. Not to sustain an innocent facade But to accept truthes about him you never thought possible. You must be feeling desitiute, discouraged, and emotionally exhausted.

      Sister God put you in this position for a reason. Maybe the reason isn’t exactly what you thought it would be. Maybe it is even more important.

  4. yellowrose,

    I believe you mean what you are saying. Quote: “It looks like you would understand if Timothy was a child molester that we wouldn’t want him around our children.”

    The sad thing is that after all that has been proven, after the man has confessed to molesting a child and is now serving a 10 – 20 year sentence for doing so, that you could still say ‘ IF TIMOTHY WAS A CHILD MOLESTER.”

    yellowrose you are in complete denial. You despise others so much that you would rather be wrong than to admit the possibility that they are right.

    Let me ask you yellowrose, if you knew that Timothy Charles Edmonds was a confessed, convicted child molester, would you want him around your children?

    If you say ” I don’t believe he is”, THAT’S DENIAL.

  5. Timothy will be in prison a long time. His sweet children will be without a father. His heart broken wife will have to raise them alone. The pastor and his church family have suffered disappointment and humiliation.

    If you are reading this blog and you believe in prayer, could I ask you to pray with me that God will give peace and comfort to all of them.

    Maybe mistakes were made. Maybe too much faith was put in a man. Maybe denial is a fault. But aren’t we all just human? Prayer is what they need not criticism.

    Have any of you ever had misplaced faith? Have any of you ever been let down by someone you thought was genuine?

    The Bible says if two of you shall agree on earth concerning anything, if they will ask, it shall be done. Cannot just two or three of us join together in Christian love and pray for all of these hurting people?


  6. For pity’s sakes

    We must forgive, this is the truth, but it takes time to heal. I think there is a process to forgiviness. It’s like when you have a very deep cut, your cut must heal some before you stop having pain. It’s hard to forgive when the people you need to forgive continues to tell things about you that are not true and continues to blame you for something you had nothing to do with. This keeps the wound from healing. If you have read all the posts on this blog you then you have seen some terrible things have been said about the people from the church that tried to warn these folks that Mr. Edmonds was not a good moral person. Now because these people tried to save them from this very pain they are dealing with today, they hate them and continue to spread horrible lies about them. Gods knows I want to forgive, but everytime I get close to where I’m doing well with this, I hear something new that they have told. Their pain is much worst than mine, I’m sure, but they are not the only ones that have been hurt here. There are some of us that dearly love these people and just can’t get past the way they have turned on us. We really thought when he was convicted of this crime he commited then they would know that we were tellling the truth all the time, but it has only made the situation worse. They hate us because we were telling the truth and the lies continue, so please pray for all invovled.

  7. For pity’s sake

    You need to understand is that some of us risked everything to spare them the mess they are in now. And instead of being civil or thanks for trying but I choose to believe in Timothy. They turned on us. It’s kind of like a wounded dog. You try to help but he bites you instead.

    And as for his children, they may just be better off. Karin is a wonderful, loving mother, but she has no one to blame for her heartbreak accept Tim and herself. She was warned of his immoral conduct, and she married him anyway. She knew what she was getting into.

    The whole purpose of this blog is to help people heal. I may sound uncaring and cold sometime but I promise you I’m just blunt

  8. For Pity’s Sake,

    I know you mean well. From your point of view I can see how you can feel sorry for those people who were fooled by this sexual preditar. But like Paul Harvey if you knew the rest of the story you would understand why so many of us have been hurt by these same people.

    I wonder if they have asked forgiveness for all the terrible things they have said about this poor child that Edmonds abused? The lies they have told on her and her family?

    I wonder if they have asked forgiveness for the terrible things they have said about the Judge, the Trooper and every other official involved in Edmonds trial?

    I wonder if they have asked forgiveness for all the terrible things they have said about Edmonds former pastor, his family, his church members, all those who risked having their names dragged through the mud to try and save them from a confessed, convicted sexual preditar?

    Now that they know that Timothy Charles Edmonds is a confessed, convicted child molester and all the things they were warned of is true, I wonder if they have even considered calling the people they have slandered asking them for forgiveness?

    No For Pity’s Sake I know they need prayer but what about restitution of all things? What about admitting their wrong? What about stopping the escapism of denial?

    I wonder if they are praying FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES?

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