Former Pastor Brian Williams Sentenced to 8 Years for Sexual Assault

Former pastor Brian Williams was sentenced to eight years in prison yesterday for sexually assaulting a 15 year old in his office. He pleaded guilty in June and made it clear in court prior to his sentencing that he had, indeed, committed the crime in question, and the girl had done nothing at all wrong.

Personally, I hope anyone who has been following this case notices this distinction. So often the victim is villified. Even if a pastor pleads guilty, people will still try to say the victim trapped him or seduced him or forced him. It was made extremely clear at this sentencing this was exactly the opposite situation in this case. I hope every notices this fact and this victim is completely vindicated in the eyes of the law and of man.


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  1. And in this case the victim was, and still is by some, blamed and attacked by others. They accused her of not just being a liar but of all sorts of other things. He had a “sterling” reputation and she did not. In fact she went to see him about problems she was having when he sexually assaulted her. Some of the things said about her:

    What many of you don’t know is that this girl *is* a habitual liar.

    This girls reputation around town is not one of integrity or purity.

    she is a habitual liar and BW is known in several communities as an outstanding Pastor who has helped numerous families for years. His life was dedicated to helping people and this 15 year old, who is known to be unstable, simply can not be trusted.

    Sounds like some other cases doesn’t it? FYI the girls parents have said that she still can not even bring herself to go outside her house because of the trauma suffered from all this and sadly all those people who attacked her are now partially responsible for inflicting pain on her also.

  2. This is sad, but I am pleased to see that he is repentant enough to redeem her reputation. We all need to apologise when we are wrong, in big and small matters. So this surprised me.

    What did not surprise me was what J Davidson said, that the church members are still villifying her.

    Bopped on over from katherine’s website, A Voice in the Desert — wierd, I have actually been here before so we must have a couple of mutual friends.

    Blessings to you, sweetheart.

  3. Tyler,

    LOL! I just commented on your comment over on her blog.

    After awhile I think we bump noses in this smallish world. Once we’re aware, then we notice them more. And we find kindred minds. 😉 Katherine is definitely one.

    — Danni

  4. Yeah, she is awesome, one of my first friends in blogland. A very gentle loving person, but on fire for people to see truth! Truly a dangerous combination to the enemy!

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