What Do You Do When You Can’t Seem to Reconcile with the Church?

It is a question I seem to wrestle with a lot recently. I have been struggling lately with being shut out because I don’t fit the “profile” and because I see things I’m not supposed to see and don’t know what I should or should not do with that.

I saw a fantastic blog post in internet land today that I very highly recommend if you’ve ever wondered how to love the church when you see the blemishes. Check out How Do I Love the Church (Or Why Jesus Isn’t An Enabler). The author gives a lot to ponder.

Struggling with A Church that Abandons the Abused

If you are one of those who struggles with how to feel about a church that has abandoned or mistreated the abused, you may find some thoughtful ideas in this article in the Boston Globe where they interviewed Kerry Kennedy about her book Being Catholic Now.  This book was written in response to her own struggle to reconcile her faith with things she saw in her church.  You may or may not agree with all her theology or political ideology, but she makes some very interesting points.

The Boston Globe asks that you complete a free registration to use their site.  The site may let you read most of the article before it shuts you out.  But the registration is free, and I felt the article was well worth reading.