Struggling with A Church that Abandons the Abused

If you are one of those who struggles with how to feel about a church that has abandoned or mistreated the abused, you may find some thoughtful ideas in this article in the Boston Globe where they interviewed Kerry Kennedy about her book Being Catholic Now.  This book was written in response to her own struggle to reconcile her faith with things she saw in her church.  You may or may not agree with all her theology or political ideology, but she makes some very interesting points.

The Boston Globe asks that you complete a free registration to use their site.  The site may let you read most of the article before it shuts you out.  But the registration is free, and I felt the article was well worth reading.

2 Responses

  1. I once attended a church who allowed a known member back into the church was ‘criminal charges’ against them for ‘child molestation’..they supported him rather than reporting him to the authorities, as this member was a ‘fugitive on the run from an Asian country, full time missionary. The church’s leadership knew of this member’s criminal charges and kept it silent from the whole entire church. This placed all the children at this church at risk of being molested. How can one trust this kind of church, who claims to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and doesn’t prevent nor protect the children who attend this church?

  2. Lela~
    That is a very good question. I think is may be one of THE questions we are all asking. I hope this predator was exposed at some point.

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