Former Pastor David Leon Bishop Arrested for Child Molestation

Former pastor David Leon Bishop was arrested Thursday, October 2, for more than 40 criminal counts of child molestation. Bishop, who was pastor of First United Pentecostal Church in Redding, CA since the early 1970’s resigned as pastor several months ago for unstated reasons. However, these pending charges were apparently the reason for that resignation, since he and his attorney have known these charges were in the offing.

While Bishop’s attorney says the incidents of the charges took place “many years ago” the district attorney’s office cannot file charges on allegations predating 1988. That is hardly “many years ago.” Nor is 40 charges a minor event. And neither number is small in the life of an alleged victim. The fact that someone would minimize either is chilling.


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  1. OH MY GOSH>>>>I was a member there for eight years!!!

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