Pastor Dieuvais Surin Sentenced for Sex Abuse

Pastor Dieuvais Surin was sentenced on Monday, Sept. 29, to 10 1/3 to 40 years for his sexual abuse of an 11 year old girl from his congregation at the Original Church of God of Prophecy in Brooklyn, NY. Surin was convicted on 22 felony counts of sexual abuse in June. His attorneys have appealed his sentence.

Former Sunday School Teacher Terence Greenwood Sentenced for Child Molestation

Former Chandler, AZ Sunday School teacher Terence Greenwood was sentenced to 35 years and lifetime probation for sexual molestation of at least five children who were in his care. Greenwood was arrested in December, 2007 and indicted 10 days later on charges of molestion of a 5-year-old. Additional charges were filed in April when four more victims were discovered. Greenwood pleaded guilty in August to two counts of molestation of a child and three counts of attempted molestation of a child. In a taped conversation with the mother of one of his victims, Greenwood attempted to blame his high blood pressure medication for his behavior.