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  1. does the church agree that there is a difference between abuse and discipline and that the odd smack is not abuse but at times is the most effecient way of communacation.
    p.s i was an abused child

    • It depends on what you mean by “odd smack.” That does not sound like an appropriate disciplinary action, but you could mean it differently than I am reading it. “Odd smack” sounds to me like an occasional strike at random when the parent is provoked at the child’s behavior. That is not discipline, even if it does not use “excessive force” and is not a regular occurrence.

      I have also known quite a few adults who were abused as children who would view this behavior as acceptable because it’s not abuse like they experienced. But it is still wrong and still abusive – just different.

      Discipline is supposed to be positive – training; not punitive – pain for misdeeds. And, no, I do not think all spanking is abuse – though I do think it is extremely overused and misused, and can easily become abusive because people do not understand the difference between discipline and punishment. Also, discipline is never carried out in anger. Punishment and discipline are not the same thing. But that is a subject too long to address in a comment.

      — Danni

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