Andrew Balant To Self-Represent in Child Molestation Trial

Former church youth leader and after school child care worker Andrew Balant has chosen to represent himself at his upcoming trial on charges of 18 counts of child molestation.

This raises the possibility that he could cross-examine the boys he is accused of molesting – a thorny ethical situation, but one which he may well be within his rights to do.

2 Responses

  1. The possibility that a perpetrator might be allowed to have direct, intimidating, face-to-face contact with his alleged victims is unconscienable! Is there no common sense in the justice system where issues like this are concerned? Any judicial official who has concerns to protect the victims of abuse, especially if the victims are underage, can surely see that protection from further trauma and intimidation is the priority here. Also, one would assume that the corruption of justice would be a major concern, as any victim who is directly challenged by his abuser is likely to feel frightened of full disclosure for fear of reprisals. Surely, any psychological authority who would be consulted by the court on this matter would say that such a confrontation will re-traumatise those victims! Just another instance which seems to show that the judiciary are more concerned with protecting the rights of the accused than with protecting victims from further harm and trauma. This makes me terribly, terribly sad and discouraged.

  2. I agree completely. I hope there is some legal way to block him.

    — Danni

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