Former Church Choir Leader Brian Michael Lane Sentenced to 20 Years

Former preschool teacher and church choir leader Brian Michael Lane was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted capital sexual battery and two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation. 

Ironically, though he pleaded guilty to molesting a 4-year-old and sexually assaulting a 10-year old, Lane did not want to accept the generous 20-year prison sentence agreement. The crime to which he confessed came with a life sentence. But according to the linked article, Lane persisted in minimizing his actions, indicating he fondled the 4-year-old for “less than a minute.”

Wow. It took him less than a minute to scar another human being for life. Yet, because it took less than a minute for him to forever scar a life, he feels his sentence should be commensurate to the time it took to do the deed rather than to the duration of the deed’s consequences? This child’s “sentence” – as well as the other child’s “sentence” will last a lifetime. Who does Lane think he is to have the right to even more mercy than the exceedingly gracious 20-year sentence he was offered? That sentencing grace was offered for the benefit of the victims and their families, NOT as a statement of the weight of Lane’s crimes or of whether he deserved a lighter sentence because he “wasn’t a monster.”

What is a monster anyway? Is the measure of a monster determined by physical appearance, tone of voice, career choices and the relative number of hours in one’s life that are spent in positive pursuits compared to the number of hours spent in active destructive evil? Or can a single act or two, which do incalculable damage to the life of another, be quite simply enough?

It is not what is outside a man which determines who he is. It is who he is inside. Who he is inside is what drives a man (or woman) to molest and sexually assault children. “Only one or two” is one or two entire lives too many.