Touch Not God’s Anointed

As the saying goes, if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times –

Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm.

This verse is quoted at me often here on this blog when I write about pastors who have been accused or convicted of sexual abuse. This verse is quoted at people who question spiritually abusive pastors in churches everywhere. In fact, I’d venture to guess, this is probably the most popular verse used when anyone questions someone in authority in a church anywhere under any circumstances.

I have long known the verse was being misused, because the Word says we’re responsible to take what we are being told by anyone back to the Word and the Holy Spirit for confirmation. If the Bereans were applauded for taking the word of the Apostle Paul back to the Scriptures and the Spirit for evaluation and confirmation, then there is no pastor on earth who is exempt from the same.

However, I bumped across the verse in context this morning and I literally had to laugh. Once again, a myth is exploded and a tool to keep people in bondage is revealed to be a complete and utter hoax.

Let’s take a look at Ps. 105…

vs. 8 He has remembered His covenant forever, The word which He commanded to a thousand generations, (vs. 9) the covenant which He made with Abraham, and His oath to Isaac..(vs. 14) He permitted no man to oppress them, and He reproved kings for their sakes: (vs. 15) Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm.

This verse (Ps. 105:15) was written to the children of Abraham – not to the priests of Israel. It was written to those with whom God had made a covenant, the seed of Abraham.

With whom did God make that covenant? Just to be perfectly clear, let’s take a look at Rom. 4:13-25, where for the sake of brevity I will summarize (but read the entire context, please!) that the seed of Abraham are those who are “of the faith of Abraham” (vs. 16).

If we are to take Ps 105 literally, it is speaking of the seed of Abraham, which includes his children of faith. Anointed ones are simply those who are set apart. In this stated context, that does not refer to pastors, preachers, evangelists, and Sunday School teachers! Look what it says. It very specifically refers to Abraham’s seed – his seed is by birth and by faith – those are the anointed, set apart, ones.

Now, in light of this reality, look back at verse 14.

God “permitted no man to oppress them, and He reproved kings for their sake.

What this verse is actually saying is God does not permit anyone, including people in authority, to oppress, or “touch,” those He has set apart – Abraham’s seed by birth and by faith. That means God does not permit pastors to sexually abuse their church members. He does not permit husbands to oppress their wives and children. He does not permit spiritual authorities to lord over those in their churches (Luke 22:25-26, I Peter 5:3).

So, you tell me, does it matter if church leaders abuse the people in their churches? Does it matter if husbands and fathers in the church abuse their wives and children?

You better believe it does. God says He DOES NOT PERMIT IT.

The correct interpretation of this verse is the exact opposite of the way it is usually used!

And for all that, a prophet is, quite simply, someone who speaks the truth of God.

Is what I have written here the truth?

Are those of us who dare to speak out against this evil being done in the church speaking the truth?

So when we are railed against, who, exactly, is doing God’s prophets harm?

Beware of calling good evil, and calling evil good.

13 Responses

  1. About 6 years ago, I attended an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church and stayed for 3 years. In the beginning of attending the church, I learned that the Pastor believed in the GAP THEORY. I did not believe in the GAP THEORY, and I wanted to understand WHY he believed as he did. As I asked questions of him and others who came to believe this within the church, I was seen as a “church splitter”. I was not pleased with his “false” assumptions, but I let it go as I felt he was trying to watch out for any “false doctrine” creeping into the church. After staying a few more years, I observed mannerisms and behaviours about the Pastor that just was not right. A sense of “abusiveness of ” Power and Control” = LORDING it over others (especially single mothers) became evident to me. I was not the only person in whom this Pastor drove away. As I’ve learned about abusive behaviours, I’ve come to realize and recognize that this Pastor was/is abusive. I challenged him. He did not like that and became defensive. We are called to be Bereans. We are to be respectful in our approach when confronting. I believe I had been. I recognized that he behaved very abusively toward certain people (especially in private) and seemed to get away with it while others within the congregation saw him as “above reproach” and could do no wrong. He reminds me of a “CULT Leader”. When a church is unwilling to hold their Pastors accountable, then this church is “out of healthy balance” and a church that can do more harm than do good “Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, Mentally, etc.” He has since left the church he was Pastor over for 25 years or more, and now the church has a new Pastor. Of course I am seen as the “problem” whenever I speak about the Pastor as being some what “abusive”. Some see it as I’m slandering the Pastor. I am not coming against the “man” as much as I am his “behaviour and mannerisms” that is/was WRONG. No man is to take the place of GOD. When people hold a man up on a “pedestal” and not care enough to confront false teaching or behaviours that are “ungodly”, then that church is a church to “avoid” in my opinion. No church is perfect as I am there. Yet, the marks of a healthy church will do what is right in accordance to the bible. I wish I could say there was a “healthy” church in my city to attend, but I cannot. I’m attending the one I believe to be following the Scriptures as close as possible (Independent Fundamental Baptist Church that uses the 1611 KJV). Treat others in the way I’d like to be treated is how I try to live (with God’s help). God understands like no other. A good article about Pastor’s or Leaders that abuse and what to look for can be found off of I do try to look for the good in others (including the abusive Pastor), but to avoid dealing with mannerisms or behaviours that are not right is like JESUS not confronting the Pharisees about their abuse of Power and Control over the people. Jesus called them vipers. A good Under Shepherd (Pastor) will lead the flock…not fleece, abuse or drive them. A good Pastor uplifts…does not belittle or find faults only or “falsely accuse” because of his assumptions about a person. We are to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. I ask the LORD to help me to deal with the log in my eyes before looking at the speck in others. Abuse of any kind by any person is not right. It is wrong. When I lack patience with my daughter who is 11 1/2 or jump to a wrong conclusion about something, I know how much I need to be forgiven and exercise mercy and grace toward others as well. Yet, the ABUSIVE man/woman needs to be held accountable. It’s not enough to tell them where they are doing wrong. They can acknowledge where they are wrong but not REPENT and turn from that behaviour. Abusive people need to be held accountable!!! There are consequences to wrong behaviours and attitudes. God disciplines his own SHEEP. God punishes those that are not his own. As a Christian, I feel conviction over my sin and I agree with God that it is hurtful to Him and to others. With God’s help I need to repent. Before I was saved, I felt condemnation whenever I did something wrong. I may not have cared at all how my actions or words hurt others. I was too selfish to care about others feelings. I thank GOD he saved me 19 1/2 years ago from my sins and from going to HELL where I deserve to spend eternity. I am SAVED for all eternity because I trusted in the LORD Jesus by Faith. (Ephesians 2:8+9). I am saved 2 serve because I want to…not because I have to. I love the LORD Jesus. He loves me and cares about me. He is trustworthy. In GOD do I TRUST.

  2. Amen to your article. I was assured of my salvation through the KJV Romans Road 1-11-70….I’ve claimed Rom. 8:38 & 39 as my life verses…..Wow! Totally amazing Grace what the Lord has brought me through and still doing….This article touched my heart as 1-11-70 I’d married the same man 3 times in an attempt to make a marriage work. When I was set free, I’d never felt so loved, accepted, and good about myself EVER. I kicked the womanizer out and filed for divorce. The preacher’s wife in this Indep.Fundamental Baptist Church told me not to, but I couldn’t be free if I had not. I felt rejected and condemned by her as she was not the one being abused. It was very confusing indeed that she would expect me to stay in an atmosphere that was womanizing, co-dependent, and violent at times. I’ve since been alone with Him and He sees me through learning to overcome. I live for Him Only and do not accept abuse of any kind, while attempting to keep the “planks out of my own eye” and being Jesus to people. The Lord gave me a WONDER-FULL marriage – the man of my dreams (good Methodist man) who loved me as Christ loved the Church, carried me on a silver platter, loved and enjoyed my family. We had 25 years crammed into 11 when he died suddenly from a stroke in 1990. He has remained a plumbline for 20 years as abuse of any kind is quickly “nipped in the bud” having pursued healthy relationships – marriages….At 67 years of age, I know my Redeemer lives as together we finish out course…..Nothing can separate me from the love of God, which is IN Christ Jesus, my Lord……Oh how I wish the mankind-men could get it without excusing themselves….

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