Touch Not God’s Anointed

As the saying goes, if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times –

Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm.

This verse is quoted at me often here on this blog when I write about pastors who have been accused or convicted of sexual abuse. This verse is quoted at people who question spiritually abusive pastors in churches everywhere. In fact, I’d venture to guess, this is probably the most popular verse used when anyone questions someone in authority in a church anywhere under any circumstances.

I have long known the verse was being misused, because the Word says we’re responsible to take what we are being told by anyone back to the Word and the Holy Spirit for confirmation. If the Bereans were applauded for taking the word of the Apostle Paul back to the Scriptures and the Spirit for evaluation and confirmation, then there is no pastor on earth who is exempt from the same.

However, I bumped across the verse in context this morning and I literally had to laugh. Once again, a myth is exploded and a tool to keep people in bondage is revealed to be a complete and utter hoax.

Let’s take a look at Ps. 105…

vs. 8 He has remembered His covenant forever, The word which He commanded to a thousand generations, (vs. 9) the covenant which He made with Abraham, and His oath to Isaac..(vs. 14) He permitted no man to oppress them, and He reproved kings for their sakes: (vs. 15) Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm.

This verse (Ps. 105:15) was written to the children of Abraham – not to the priests of Israel. It was written to those with whom God had made a covenant, the seed of Abraham.

With whom did God make that covenant? Just to be perfectly clear, let’s take a look at Rom. 4:13-25, where for the sake of brevity I will summarize (but read the entire context, please!) that the seed of Abraham are those who are “of the faith of Abraham” (vs. 16).

If we are to take Ps 105 literally, it is speaking of the seed of Abraham, which includes his children of faith. Anointed ones are simply those who are set apart. In this stated context, that does not refer to pastors, preachers, evangelists, and Sunday School teachers! Look what it says. It very specifically refers to Abraham’s seed – his seed is by birth and by faith – those are the anointed, set apart, ones.

Now, in light of this reality, look back at verse 14.

God “permitted no man to oppress them, and He reproved kings for their sake.

What this verse is actually saying is God does not permit anyone, including people in authority, to oppress, or “touch,” those He has set apart – Abraham’s seed by birth and by faith. That means God does not permit pastors to sexually abuse their church members. He does not permit husbands to oppress their wives and children. He does not permit spiritual authorities to lord over those in their churches (Luke 22:25-26, I Peter 5:3).

So, you tell me, does it matter if church leaders abuse the people in their churches? Does it matter if husbands and fathers in the church abuse their wives and children?

You better believe it does. God says He DOES NOT PERMIT IT.

The correct interpretation of this verse is the exact opposite of the way it is usually used!

And for all that, a prophet is, quite simply, someone who speaks the truth of God.

Is what I have written here the truth?

Are those of us who dare to speak out against this evil being done in the church speaking the truth?

So when we are railed against, who, exactly, is doing God’s prophets harm?

Beware of calling good evil, and calling evil good.


13 Responses

  1. Danni, you are right on target. My friend who was sexually abused by our ex-pastor, has had that verse thrown at her. And Papa told her, very emphatically, “You are My anointed, too. He should not have touched you.”

  2. PERFECT! He should not have touched YOU! That’s right!!!

    — Danni

  3. Thanks for posting this article. I have heard this scripture quoted for years as an excuse to leave sexual predators in their positions. The truth is that no man can serve two masters. When one chooses to continually sin – especially against children – how can God still exist in them? Will God remain in a vessel that is also inhabited by Sin? No. And I’m glad to see that people are no longer blinded the clergy collar as if it was a license to commit evil acts without consequence.

  4. You are exactly right. God calls his people especially leadership to holiness. When we allow unrepented sin to go on in our lives God removes his annointing as exampled in King Saul. They are no longer under God’s announted protection and have moved themselves under the curse of condemnation and judgement.

  5. Amen…Clergy and leadership should not be exempt from questioning. they should be held to a higher standard of sorts and be ever more diligent in gaurding their character. Let not your good be evil spoken of. And if there is question a true innocent or even a true repentant will cooperate and encourage unity in times of turmoil.

  6. Usually, they are thinking of I Sam. 26, but they quote the passage from Psalms. Whichever they use, it is sure good to remember that God’s anointed under Christ is all believers. The priesthood of all believers. Somehow, you manage to forget that when you are under their spells. Thanks for making it crystal clear.

  7. Makes me angry…. really angry and hurt that people think it is wrong to question the actions or challenge the behaviour and attitudes of ministers and leaders. We are all the same and all important to God, any believer wether in public ministry or not (I believe we are ALL ministers in different forms, paid by the church or paid by someone else or paid by no-one at all, we are all ministers of God if we put our faith in Christ!! Bible also says we are to test the spirits and there will be many false prophets, if we never question anything a minister or a “prophet” says, how will we know what is true and what is false? Many churches operate on a “leave your brain at the door because you won’t be needing it here….” approach. I think God created us with a brain because he intended for us to use it. If someone is doing something that we think is wrong or abusive, minister or not, we have the right to challenge it, question it, or take them to the legal authorities if it requires that!!! A lot of Christians talk a lot of nonsense in my opinion!

  8. Right on! 🙂 I have read many verses about God’s intense anger against those who oppress “widows and the fatherless,” that is, all those who are vulnerable. And back in OT times, widows and the fatherless were the most vulnerable because of the Patriarchal system.

    Anyway, I always knew it was a crock the way the verse you site was thrown around–even IF it did mean something about the “anointed” being leaders (which it clearly does not, thank you very much), even then, it could not possibly nullify all the other verses about the cursed state of those who “cause one of these little ones to stumble,” and those who get in the way of the little ones (which is all of us, we’re all somewhat vulnerable and we are his children) coming to Jesus. I’ve always known our good God to be one who stands with a sword upraised against any who “would come against his…” sons and daughters, his beloved, his “…anointed!”

  9. Gof often uses men and women to expose the truth and to ask the bad guys to repent.

    I too now was shocked when i started to fellowship directly with pastors as to how many of them were not nice persons and they had admittedly committed adultery..

    I next came to the conclusion that many of them were not called by God for the ministry rather they went into it for the wrong reasons and were not equiped for it thus.

  10. Our former pastor had us so brainwashed that we could not say anything that would question him or his actions. We could not listen to anyone else say anything. I started seeing the abuse and all the worldly pickup lines he would use on me and tried to talk to my husband about it- HE SAID- I am not listening to you talk about my pastor–SAD SAD!!!! We finally went away for the weekend and talked about everything that had been going on for the 5years that we had been there. WE MADE A DECISION right then to take 3 weeks off and do nothing concerning that church= but we knew we would never go back. It was 1 year before we realized what we wre really into and began to talk to other former church members befor we knew that the confusion was SHEPERDING ERROR like it was from the 70s and 80s. We are still after 8 years out of it being healed and restored emotionally. What a shame a minister would use God for finances and destroy people along the way.

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