Former Pastor Ted Haggart Promotes Documentary About Fall Into Sexual Sin

In a story so full of irony it boggles the mind, former Colorado Springs pastor Ted Haggart has agreed to promote a new film, “The Trials of Ted Haggart,” which documents his 2006 exposure of sexual misconduct and drug involvement by a male prostitute. A few well-placed tears, some hand-wringing, a sympathetic story or two…

Haggart was dismissed from his church and banned from speaking about the situation for two years; a period which is not quite concluded. However, the church in Colorado Springs has recently released him from this restriction so he can “move on” as they have moved on. (Do I smell a large financial contribution hiding under the rug somewhere? Money does make moving on so much easier.)

Haggart apparently failed to complete his “restoration process” that was to help him “heal” but he has recently resumed church speaking engagements in a rural Illinois church, where, predictably, he played the sexually-abused card.

Was he really abused as a child? Who knows – but it’s never an excuse for today’s behavior. We’re supposed to believe his adult behavior is excused because he was sexually abused in second grade? Yet somehow a whole host of the rest of us have been sexually abuse and haven’t turned into sexual deviants and abused God’s trust in a position of authority! Nor have we then bailed out on an accountability and restoration process — but Christendom is letting this man back in the pulpit?

This is blind foolishness — and that is a simple fact, not out-of-bounds judgment. That is judgment as God calls us to judge. Anyone who lets this man behind a pulpit is complicit in blatant ungodliness. Not only has Haggart thwarted God’s justice for his own sin, he has returned to the pulpit where he has no business based on God’s standard for a preacher/pastor, and he is profiting from his sin with this film — whether financially or merely through recognition and association. It cannot be without notice that the film is directed by Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and is set to air next month on HBO.

3 Responses

  1. So where are the humble Christians? How do you find those Christians? Don’t know any in Forsyth County.

  2. Fosyth Co where? I just moved out of Forsyth Co GA.

    But the humble ones aren’t out there trumpeting their sins and excusing them, so they’re harder to find. I don’t know how to find them. All I know to do is keep my own relationship with God. I’ve “met” some precious people here in cyberworld. And I know a few individuals IRL, but don’t have a church home for the same reason.

    — Danni

  3. Dear whoever,
    I am simply speechless about this! I can’t believe church going people would ‘let’ this man in a church to stand behind a pulpit again! Where were they ‘when God was handing out the brains’? There are many more ‘good’ christians ( not perfect, just real and honest ) who do ‘not act ‘like this. Is there any way the rest of us ‘good’ people can be seen as having at least ‘half a brain’ compared to this guy Haggard? We all need to be forgiven. But not all who are forgiven should automatically be trusted with sensitive positions of public responsibility again. Not after this kind of serious betrayal of trust and respect given them by people who believed the best of them. I feel very, very sad, that this man’s former Church has not really handled the issue as well as they had the responsibility ‘to’ handle it. I think they did another typical superficial ‘instant get well’ thing with the scandal. And it is ‘not really over’ at all, because some people have ‘botched the process’. If I was a member of that church, I would be thinking of moving to another fellowship. I just would not want to be associated with professional cover up evangelicals, who try to do a sqeaky clean instant sanitization of their scandal like these guys have, and then turn around to face the public and expect us to accept and believe what they have juts done as ‘credible’! Anyway that’s how I feel. Deeply Offended in Ontario. B.Q.

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