Peace on Christmas

What a novel feeling – to have peace on Christmas. I’m still pinching myself. This is my fourth peaceful Christmas and it still feels soooooo awesome! I think only people who have lived in abuse can have any idea what it’s like to have holidays that you want to celebrate but dread instead.

This is the first year I am completely alone on Christmas. All the kids are gone. My oldest is married now and has other obligations today – such is the nature of things and that is perfectly fine. The other two are with their father this year by court order.

But I knew this day would come soon and I prepared for it in my own way. So I’m happy. I’m having a very peaceful day, just me and God — and the computer and you when you get a chance to stop by here. God already started the day out in the wee hours of the morning sharing something really awesome with me in answer to a wrestling and grappling prayer I’ve been going around and around with Him about for weeks. So that, in itself, was a wonderful Christmas present for me.

I wish you a peaceful Christmas. If you are not in a peaceful place, I wish that gift for you this year.


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