Is there a Fragmenting Bomb in Your Church Sanctuary?

Christa Brown, from Stop Baptist Predators, has written a fantastic article called Southern Babtoys Corporation about the defective game-toys lurking in many church sanctuaries.

You may want to read this product warning carefully and make sure your church is safe.

Fruit from the Tree of Church Abuse

I received an e-mail early this morning which reveals in glowing colors some of the fruit from the poisonous tree of churches that teach abusive discipline and family roles that are out of godly order.

Since this e-mail includes no identifying information, I am copying it in its entirety.


I went to a Christian school in the 1970s. The paddle for the high school boys was 30 inches long and the man who swung it was about 6’5″ tall. Even the boys on the football team cried after getting hit with that board. It sounds cruel but the punishment is over in seconds. the girls also got it, but I’m sure the paddle was of normal size and it was usually a woman who administered it, though not always.

What happened to the girls at HH [Hephzibah House] is different. This was every day, with no hope. They also didn’t feed the girls much, at least in 1980s. I hope you see the difference between a normal Christian school and one of these ultra abusive homes.

You will hate me for saying this, but I can actually see an occasion when a husband might spank his wife. Occasionally in every marriage, there is an argument in which one of the mates just sees white. That happened to me. I was talking to my wife and she was nagging me. I tried to be calm, but she just kept hitting the same nerve, so I remember I thought “that’s it” and I grabbed her and spanked her good and hard about 5 times with the palm of my hand through her skirt while she was standing. She did try to run away, but I caught her and administered discipline. What was funny, was she was just speechless afterwards. I don’t think I hurt her, but she was so surprised that almost nothing came out for a few minutes and then she said quietly “that is physical abuse”. I did feel bad, but I didn’t have much control. Later on it seemed funny to her that I reacted the way that I did.

No[t] all spanking is abusive.