Childhood Abuse Linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A recent study shows a strong correlation between childhood emotional and sexual abuse and adult Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It appears that childhood abuse may cause a decrease in production of the hormone cortisol which is critical for healthy response to stress.


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  1. Is it possible to take years and years to “show up?” Can you send me data or tell me where I can read/study more? I am the author of Spirit Unbroken and although I feel rather proud that the book is doing really well…I find that I am more tired than ever before in my adult life. Should I not feel more alive than ever before?
    s. brown

    • Here is some more information about the study —

      My understanding is that the CFS is adult-onset. But this may point you in the direction of some further documentation.

      One of the unfortunate, and largely unspoken, after-effects of long-term abuse is the serious health results many of us are left with. This is an area that seems to be just coming into general awareness.

      — Danni

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