If We Ever Tried to Tell

Copied with permission from From the Child’s Blog

If We Ever Tried to Tell

He said we’d go to hell
If we ever tried to tell;
that we were the ones to blame
Since we played his little “game.”

But when she told it all
(Assuming HE would fall)
None of us girls knew
What they were going to put her through.

They said she was a whore–
That “she got what she asked for.”
We listened to her plight
Then shook with rage and fright.

We’d done the best we could
but it hadn’t done any good.
They let this snake go free
And judged girls like her and me!

We watched them tell her
That God would forgive her
If she confessed how bad she’d been.

We watched them tell her
To keep her mouth shut
And not speak against this “good” man.

We watched him laugh
And snicker with glee
Then go out and do it again!!!

We were punished–
We live with the shame.
While he got away with it all.

Some got diseases,
Some just got crazy.
Some died with no help to call.

Still there are those
Who have a desire
To believe this is not how things were.

They want to pretend
It all would have been fine
“If it wasn’t for people like her.”

I learned from observing
How all this went down
That there is no help in the church.

The truth brought you bondage–
It didn’t “set you free”.
In fact, it made everything worse!

So don’t trust the Pharisees–
They cover their ears
And don’t ever believe what you say.

If you look to them
You’ll be dying alone.
That’s just the reasonable way.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks fir sharing this, Danni. A while back, I was talking about the childhood abuse with a friend. She asked what would have happened if I had told my parents what my cousin and my babysitter were doing. I thought about it and released that as bad as thinks were, if my parents had know what was going on, it would have been worse. About a year ago, I laid out in plain language for my mother to read, the events as they happened. I asked her what she would have done if she had know. She had to think about it, then said she would have sat us down and told what w should and should not be doing. I think it would have been much worse than that…. why don’t we tell? Hmm… the funny thing is, children do tell, in so many ways p addictions, changes in personality. I actually drew a picture when I was 3. And my mother sent it to her little (teenaged) sister. Neither of them got it. I didn’t have words, just pictures…. We do tell. People just don’t know how to hear.

    • HUGE, HUGE point – we do tell. People just don’t know how to hear. This is especially true in the church where the modus operandi is to stop our ears to unpleasant truths.

      — Danni

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