Church Youth Mentor Jeremy Little Arrested for Sex Abuse

Church youth mentor Jeremy Little has apparently confessed to drugging and molesting boys from the church during sleepovers at his home. There are three known victims at this point but police are continuing to investigate. The alleged abuse apparently continued for the past year.

E–book — Legal Domestic Abuse

If you or someone you know is about to bring domestic abuse to light, this e-book may be a very helpful tool in safely navigating the legal system without being further wounded by it. Many abuse victims can attest to the fact that getting out is just the beginning. The system that should be helping us, can be very dangerous. Knowledge is critical!

Here’s a video clip by the author:

New Sex Allegations Against Ted Haggart

New sex allegations have been made against former mega-church pastor Ted Haggart. The incidents allegedly occurred with a church volunteer during Haggart’s pastorate at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

There is something very important to notice about this. When a pastor’s sexual sin is exposed and he “repents,” that repentance must include acknowledgement of all sexual sin. When subsequent incidents are revealed – even if they occurred before the “repentance” – one thing can be known with certainty. The “repentance” was not real because he persisted in hiding sin from exposure to the light. That is not repentance!

And there certainly can be no restoration or moving on past that point, when the repentance wasn’t real. This exposes the real motivation of the “repentance” – to attempt to salvage whatever reputation he can, and regain acceptance as quickly as possible, preying on the fact that Christians are gullible and will believe anyone who can produce the right words, accompanied by tears. This isn’t being judgmental – it is using spiritual discernment and testing the spirits.

Churches often teach that we have to forgive, and do not realize we do not have to forgive without discernment and evaluation of fruit. Nor does a fallen pastor ever later become qualified for pastoral service again – which includes speaking in other people’s churches! Even if he has repented, he has permanently disqualified himself from pastoral service, according to the Word.

A Look at Why Abuse Victims Stop Attending Church

By Danni Moss
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There are quite a few of us out here now – people who have experienced abuse in the church and are not able to attend church as a result.

Unfortunately, we are then looked upon as back-slidden and everything we attempt to say to the issue of abuse in the church is discredited because “we are not in church” and, therefore, so out of touch with God we couldn’t possibly have anything valid to say. I have been openly discredited on this blog because of my church status, not to mention in private e-mail. I have also seen others in the same situation receive the same treatment.

However, this perspective turns reality upside down.

What has really happened is that the church has put us out of fellowship with its treatment of abuse.

How can I attend a church which predicates my acceptance on the idea that they will forgive me for getting a divorce since God does? It is not true that “God forgives me for getting a divorce” – since He directed me in taking that action. My behavior wasn’t sinful and doesn’t need forgiveness. This statement also blames me for the failure of my marriage. To attend a church under this presupposition, I have to live a lie – a lie that violates my conscience before God.

How can I attend a church which views me with disrespect? Because of my divorced status I am excluded from teaching in the church or using the gifts God has given me (except singing). This means the church is saying I am less than what God says I am. The church is also limiting me from doing what God has called me to do. So to attend that church I have to deny God in my life.

How can I attend a church which teaches and fosters unbiblical gender role stereotyping when I know that this teaching is both unbiblical but also leading to the abuse of other people in the church? To attend that church I have to compromise my conscience, call evil good, and give tacit consent to the continuance of abuse in the church.

How can I attend a church where I know an abuse victim will receive the same treatment I received? The result of this treatment is literal physical abuse, and potential death, to the lives of people in the church, at the insistence of the church and its erroneous doctrine. And I know better! The church may be acting in ignorance – but I would not be! To attend that church I would again have to compromise my conscience and I would have to be an accessory to the crime of abuse – because I do know better.

These are the reasons I cannot attend any evangelical church I know of. It is not because I refuse to attend church or do not want to attend church. The church will not let me worship with them in good conscience.

So, instead, I have to go the heart of the Word and remain “in fellowship with believers” through more unconventional means – which I do.

And I am not alone. I am merely one of a very large and growing group of people that the church is barring from fellowship through their actions. But, in true church irony fashion, guess who is being blamed for being “out of fellowship?”

[Now, the next step is for us to bond together in church relationships where we are accepted and acceptable. Something I’m praying about…]