New Sex Allegations Against Ted Haggart

New sex allegations have been made against former mega-church pastor Ted Haggart. The incidents allegedly occurred with a church volunteer during Haggart’s pastorate at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

There is something very important to notice about this. When a pastor’s sexual sin is exposed and he “repents,” that repentance must include acknowledgement of all sexual sin. When subsequent incidents are revealed – even if they occurred before the “repentance” – one thing can be known with certainty. The “repentance” was not real because he persisted in hiding sin from exposure to the light. That is not repentance!

And there certainly can be no restoration or moving on past that point, when the repentance wasn’t real. This exposes the real motivation of the “repentance” – to attempt to salvage whatever reputation he can, and regain acceptance as quickly as possible, preying on the fact that Christians are gullible and will believe anyone who can produce the right words, accompanied by tears. This isn’t being judgmental – it is using spiritual discernment and testing the spirits.

Churches often teach that we have to forgive, and do not realize we do not have to forgive without discernment and evaluation of fruit. Nor does a fallen pastor ever later become qualified for pastoral service again – which includes speaking in other people’s churches! Even if he has repented, he has permanently disqualified himself from pastoral service, according to the Word.


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  1. These men deserve all the love and grace God gives to all of us, but that love and grace should be extended to them sitting in the 3rd of the church, not standing in the pulpit. By their own actions they have lost the privlege of ministry. A minister who has committed adultery, betrayed his ordination vows, disobeyed God, abused his trust and intentionally harmed another is still a person who can be restored and forgiven but he is no longer qualified for ministry.
    Let us remember the goal of restoration is to restore that person back to Christ, not back to the pulpit.
    For disclosure purposes I was sexually abused as a teenager by my youth minister in 1971. In 2004 I found the courage to confront him and his church leaders. Despite an extensive history of sexual misconduct (one incident required removal for a short period of time) he remains in good standing within the denomination. I was told God had forgiven him and so should I.

    • Your points are dead-on-target! Restoration to Christ, not to the pulpit. Forgiveness is not spiritual white-out against consequences! Forgiveness reconciles us to God but doesn’t erase the consequences of our choices.

      Thank you for sharing!

      — Danni

  2. Well put! Wish the denomination I grew up in had figured that one out!

  3. The sad part of this story is that Haggart has continued to lie about one important fact – HE IS GAY. This poor guy has got to repress and deny that fact for the rest of his life or he’ll never be accepted into the only way of life he has ever known, conservative evangelicalism. He is not a monster. He is not evil. He is gay. There is a sad but true statement made by comedian Stephen Colbert about the church’s attitude toward homosexuality – “Jesus would rather shame gays, than allow them to adopt a child.” Why can’t we just let Haggart be who he is?

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