Those Crazy Victims! Why Don’t They Just Leave?

I saw these two articles immediately back-to-back. They make such a good pairing I had to share them here. In the first, a woman cites the statistics on domestic abuse and, in frustrated amazement (and perhaps disdain?) asks why on earth they don’t just leave.

In the second, the author tells in vivid detail why victims, not only don’t leave, but don’t even tell about domestic abuse. Her first-hand accounts of why women don’t tell, or leave, are only some of the many compelling reasons victims (male or female) remain silent. Her described reasons do not even begin to touch on the issues of religious pressures, which can be just as insurmountable, or more.


One Response

  1. The second article is good. It features the question a victim often has: If I report the crimes to the police, will that put me more at risk from the abuser’s vengeance? You can read the article, then submit a comment.
    The first article is a good example of the judgmentalism of people who don’t understand DV. They need educating. But they are often so scornful that victims can’t bear to engage in dialogue with them. I’m longing for the day when others (apart from victim/survivors) take up the burden of doing this education in the community. It is so unfair that the burden of community education falls so much on the victims!

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