Child Abuse Alters Brain Genetics

New research supports something I have long suspected – child abuse alters brain genetics.

This fascinating article by BBC News says, “Analysis of brain tissue from adults who had committed suicide found key genetic changes in those who had suffered abuse as a child.” The article then goes on to explain these changes.

Be sure to read the article – it is very insightful. Yet another support for the contention that this matters. Doesn’t the Word say we are to stand for the afflicted and oppressed? Where is the outcry in the church?


3 Responses

  1. Where is the outcry indeed. Fascinating article! It DOES back up what I already knew.

    “If you’re a public health individual or a child psychologist you could say this shows you nothing you didn’t already know.”

    OR if you are/were married to a person with a personality disorder!

    “But until you show the biological process, many people in government and policy-makers are reluctant to believe it’s real. ”

    So true. I’m curious as to how far this will go in the courts. Or the church.

    “Beyond that, you could ask whether a drug could reverse these effects and that’s a possibility.”

    Interesting. A drug? Wow. I wonder if this means that a drug could give a person empathy? (I don’t think that’s what they’re saying, though, I think the drug would help with the stress response.)

  2. Hi there,

    I am a graduate student in Mental Health and want a copy of this article. Where can I get this?



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