Supreme Court Upholds Gun Ban for Abusers

In a decision yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld a gun ban for abusers, by a landslide 7-2 vote.

This was an important decision with distinct ramifications. The linked article is moderately comprehensive and gives a lot of good information about it.

I found it interesting, as well, to see one of the quoted vocal defendants of the attorney attempting to overturn the ban. Phyllis Schlafly spoke out adamantly in defense of overturning the ban. However, her reasoning appears to suggest that former offenders should not have to experience the full consequences for their actions. Her statement also minimizes the significance of “just one” domestic abuse incident.

This is from the linked article:

“Why are men with clean histories except for one domestic dispute punished like hardened criminals who mug strangers on the street?” wrote Phyllis Schlafly. She wrote a brief in support of Hayes and continues, “The answer is that the feminist agenda calls for domestic-violence laws to punish husbands and fathers above and beyond what can be proven in court under due-process procedures.”

Is “one incident” all there is to abuse? Physical violence is just one symptom of the real issue. I have addressed this topic elsewhere on this blog (and can’t find it to link! – Help?)

Of course, it doesn’t go amiss to point out that I also saw an article today about another woman being shot to death by her abuser outside her church.

One Response

  1. I have to wonder if Phyllis Schlafly has dementia or something. I mean LOOK at what she is saying!

    A stranger pounds you – take away your gun

    Somone that knows you? WELL – that’s different! Give them another chance! Don’t let the feminist do that to you!

    Hello! Yesh!

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